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(applause) welcome to "red eye." let's go to andy levy for our pre game report. hi, andy. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> how do we sleep while qurans are burning? and a robot that can lie. and finally north carolina sheriffses want access to computer records that would id people with prescriptions for painkillers. and they cross off the tar heel state as a home. >> thank you. >> not only is that legal, but you could treat me good, sir.
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>> then we will give you the option later. all right, let's welcome our guests. i am here with the new york reporter, lauren savant. she is so sweet gummy bears are now called lauren bears. and at the washington times she knows policies like i know wall law bes. i have been escorted out of many zoos. and there is bill shultz. and sorry, ladies, he just proposed to his steady blowup doll. next to me, tom shallou. if hilarity was a grough -- garage sale, families would spend hours haggling over his junk. and good to see you pinch. >> what is black and white and red all over? me after a long date with lauren savan. i will give you paper cuts in places you didn't even know cuts. >> that's creepy. >> you are creepy.
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>> no, you are creepy. >> stay on me. [growling [. >> okay. you can go back to him, if you want. and now because last night's show was blown out because of the explosion in northern california, we now go to the missing greg-alogue. it is a phone cake of free thought in a missing fare. so i guess their radicals beat our radicals. president obama was pleading with the florida minister to knock off his idiotic plan to burn qurans. obama said the act would incite terrorists who would blow themselves up. but nobody burned quran before the first world trade center attack in 1983. to me the definition is that its viciousness existses no matter what you or i do. radicals blowup nice people
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and jerks and that includes in gnaw sent muslims. there is no quran barbecues prior to the attack in kenya, greece, saudi arabia, spain, turkey, london, lebenon, italy, germany. the victim there's didn't ask for it, and that defines an extremist. i have grown up with images of burned american flags and dead hostages and troops dragged through streets and psychotic chants of people chanting our death, and i haven't killed anyone, aside from the guy in 84. i go on about the double standard in which our mass media finds it easy to crap on christians, but can't call the fort hood shooter an extremist. reverend jones canceled the thing. uh -- apparently gates called and asked him to stop. jones just wants to enjoy his breakfast at denny's and enjoy his good poop afterwards. you can deal with our nuts, but not with theirs.
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maybe obama is afraid of ticking them off. what is that called 1234* oh yeah, islamaphobia. if you disagree with me, you are an us law mick homophobe. >> well, that may be the great e thing -- the great e -- the greatest thing written about anything. let's roll a clip from reverend jones at the press conference on thursday where he said he would stop the burning. >> the american people do not want the mosque there. and of course muslims do not want us to burn the quran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> i love this. he is a sexy man, i will give him that. since then jones changed the word "stop" to suspend.
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he claims he was lied to by the imams behind the mosque. but for all we know he could have been jerking our chains all along. and maybe it was the rusty cater pillar. he calls him crawl face, but ladies call him the flavor saver. lauren, what do you make of this guy? are we spending too much attention on him? >> absolutely. and the guy that burned the quran in 2008, he is all in a tizzy that he didn't get any of the press coverage. he didn't get any death threats, i don't think. >> it is like you are like the bridesmaid or the not so hot cheerleader. >> absolutely. guys like this were reel gated to maury povich or jerry springer, and then you have the state department and you have barack obama talking about this, and now they are causing international incidences. why aren't they talking on showsthat come right after say "who's your daddy?
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". >> yeah, and that's a great show. i have been on there a couple times. don't know why though, tom. >> i don't know. i think we love our nut jobs. that's the difference between our nut jobs and their nut jobs. once we take them seriously, we look stupid. >> no one agreeses with this guy. there is no one in the country that disagrees with them. the media loves it. they show a video and then they have a discussion. well, some people believe this. and some people believe this. we are supposed to compare ourselves to him. but no one agrees with him. in the islamic world there isn't anybody who nobody agrees with. they wouldn't give him air time. >> bill, what do you think will happen? will we learn anything from this? >> absolutely not. the media has told us time and time again that when it comes to crap like this, we learn nothing. we will put a camera over anyone who threatens anything no matter how stupid their idea, we will keep doing it. and you know what else? we will talk the crap out of
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it afterwards. >> there was an article on the washington post blog where the media were at the ranch or wherever the place is that he is in gainesville, and they started heckling him saying when are you going to do something? are you going to do something? are you just putting us on? he is like, you don't have to be here, but they still stayed. they still stayed. they were willing to stay there because they secretly -- well, they want something to happen. i want to talk to you about a couple other things. number one, lauren, a couple people in the media are making a stink about the fact that reverend jones and rush limbaugh went to the same high school. is that a huge story or what? >> obviously there is a right wing medrasa that they both uh end ited. that's the real story. >> i thought it was, and then i did research. eric harris and dillon kleebold went to the same high school and look what happened with them, columbine.
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i wouldn't have put those two together, but i guess so. >> i will throw a little boondoggle on to the table. bill aires from "the weather underground" and this bill shultz went to the same high school. >> is anyone surprised? >> wait, then i have to bring this up, i went to serra high school, home of -- who is the quarterback from the giants? or what is the guy that just -- tom brady. >> wow, the giants? >> what just happened to him? he got in a car accident. also i went to barry bonds, giants steroid head. i want to show, this is a clip of ariana huffington. can we show this, please? >> i think the idea is to connect it to the opposition to the mosque. >> now you are doubling down. >> you can't really -- you you can't really completely separate this thing.
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>> you are right. and i think that's really the teachable moment. >> please. if you think it is intentionally provocative and an insult to the memory of 9/11 to build a mosque on the site. that's the same as burning a quran? it is not even close. >> i said there is a continuity. >> this is the interesting thing, it is related to the mosque in the sense that that's why the guy is doing it. but what ariana is doing is trying to paint that everybody is against the mosque is like this dude. isn't that really why the media loves this story? >> this is ridiculous. if you think about it, christians did rise up and say this guy out in florida is absolutely insane, and we don't think the qurans should be burned. peter crawlly ended up comparing the terrorists to the guy in florida. what are you talking about? the terrorist killed thousands of people out there. it is ridiculous. >> bill, i want to ask you this question because we
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talked about how certain acts can lead to extremism. there is a judge that ruled the don't ask, don't tele is unconstitutional. there was a federal judge in california. couldn't obama say that ruling could incite more extremism. radical muslims would rather fight gays because they don't like gays? >> did you ever see "the kite runner"? all muslims are gay. >> really? >> this is absolutely true. they will have sex with each other, but they don't consider it gay. if it is in the name of battle, go to it, boys. >> you mean radical muslim terrorists. >> yes, they are radical in the sack. >> there were terrorists in "kite runner"? >> no, but the taliban was. >> do i have time for one last clip from "morning joe"? this is an interview where they had the pastor on. i want to ask you if this was polite or rude of them. show the clip. >> joining us from gainsville,
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florida is pastor terry jones. the reason we are doing this is my worry is pastor will have blood on his hands if he goes forward with this plan. john meechum has a message. >> i would appeal to you as a fellow christian that the course you suggested is going to be incredibly dangerous and would ask you to disist in the new testimony thee yule gee. >> well said, john meechum and pastor terry jones we appeal to you. and we don't need to hear anything else. thanks. >> donna, you disagree. you wanted to talk to him? >> yeah, i think and i understand why you don't want to give him a plat rm to. seeing his face is disgusting enough. >> have i to tell you, as looney is as the pastor is, wasn't this shame less grandstanding? inviting a guy on a show and not interviewing him? >> what did the show's booker say to him? we are not going to take pot
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shots. we won't say it is disgusting to look at your face, maybe, but that's as far as it goes. >> he is adorable. >> he looks like yosemite sam's grandpa. >> i think the worst thing about it, lauren, the only thing worse than having to watch "morning joe" is watching" morning joe" and thinking you will be on it and not being on it because you would rather be watching cartoons. >> vow saying they -- so you are saying they teased having this guy on? it says a lot about the anchors. what were they afraid of? that he would say something they didn't have a retort for? why wouldn't you let him have -- >> they are so indignant. >> manufactured indig nene see. >> do you know how the pastor was evil though? pastor wall russ face? he looks like this. in the movies you are a bad guy if you are doing this or rain man. it is one or the other.
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>> you know what he does, well actually the cater pillar is the kitty cat. i will make a point that we will never talk about this again. i am praying this goes away. from pastors to presidents. you may remember back in november of 2008 a straping young man named barack obama was elected president of these united state. something i believe red eye reported first. well, that same dude held a press conference on friday where he spoke about boring stuff like jobs and our sucky economy. but also interesting stuff like islam and islam. i happened to be there, and i was able to ask the president if it is true that we are not the -- not at war against islam, but we are at war against terrorist organizations that use the banner of islam to engage in their destructive acts. he replied -- >> we are not at war against islam. we are at war against terrorist organizations that
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have distorted islam or used the banner of islam to engage in their destructive acts. >> he just read my question right back to me which is so rude. but isn't is true if be will reduce the terrorist threats we need all of the alleys we can get, right? >> we are going to successfully reduce the terror fleet, then we need all of the allies we can get. talk about eloquent. one last question, aren't you getting tired of people who say we have to do things to avoid pissing or terrorists or we shouldn't do things because jerk wad will get upset and overreact? >> al-qaeda operatives site guantanamo as a justification for attacks against the united states. still to this day. there is no reason for us to give them that kind of talking point. >> well, i guess he is not
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getting tired of that. lauren, are you getting tired of being told we need to do things or need not to do things because of our terrorists hillary act? i mean, isn't it a big thing we are just westernerses? that's it. >> he has a laundry list of complaints against us. this argument does not make any sense to me. since when do we allow potential prisoners or potential inmates to decide that they don't like the existence of a prison? does that make any sense? >> it doesn't. and if al-qaeda stops to think about it, they should be pro u.s. prisons. apparently there is a lot of conversion going on in many prisons, and people are turning to radical islam in there. >> somebody hates malcolm x. >> how dare you? >> he should have had a map of the united states and said, one of the things recruiting al-qaeda is guantanamo and
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also this thing called the united states. >> exactly. >> a bunch of people on the left now are saying, well, those people who are released over into their home countries, we don't want them in their home countries because their home countries will end up torturing them. we want them in the united states in detention centers. so let's haul them over there. we don't want them either. >> obama spoke eloquently about the american muslimss serving in the armed forces. but don't we know that? we know they are good muslims. we are more worried about the extremists we are inciting. >> yeah, but we call people like the imam extremists and that is ar giewable. i heard it all day on air. it is worth reminding people that there is islam and the fundamental extremists. and i say he is a a plage jaw wrist. he took a play bush from president bush who would say the same thing time and time again. we are not at war with islam. and how dare you be smir of --
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besmirch one of the greatest presidents ever. >> there are muslims serving the country. the fact we are apologizing -- if you are american and you want to be a part of the country, you will be offended by other americans. we are all offended by something. >> i am deeply offended by you. >> exactly. as i am you. i am constantly feeling nauseous on this show. >> at first i thought it was sexual -- revolion, but it is sexual tension. >> he would score more points if he said, enough. remember the beer summit where you just get drunk and you agree never to talk about it again. just stop. it you go in that room. you guyses go in that room and just shut up. >> morgan freeman said this. they said, how will we stop
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racism? he said, stop talking about it. all right, we have to move on. coming up, the klan for kids? lauren sevan on her new awesome hobby. and our evil machines bet on our destruction. i bet -- i hope they bet on our lunch. i would like to have lunch with a robot. go away.
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he puts the rotund in rotunda. it happened again. my cheerios told me to drowned a turtle. bad cheerios. and kris kristy showed everyone why he is so awesome. the gov fielded questions about the layoffs across the
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garden state. he asked teachers to take a one-year pay freeze and contribute 1.5% of their salaries to the healthcare. but the teacher's union balked resulting in a hiewmg budget gap, hence the layoffs. here is what happened when one teacher asked, what's up with that? >> i feel like you have alienated so many people with your rhetoric about how we are billing -- bilking this state of all of this money when i am a taxpayer and because of the budget cuts you have implemented, i am going to have a hard time paying my bills this year. >> well, a few things. first of all, i am not lamb basting the public schools. well listen, let's start with this. i sat here -- i stood here and respectfully listened to you. if what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk, i have no interest in answering your question. so if you would like to -- so if you would like to conduct a
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respectful conversation, i'm happy to do it. if you don't, please go and sit down and i will answer the next question. >> tough to tell who won that round. for a break down of what this means for jersey, let's go to the senior correspondent, seal man. >> i couldn't agree more. tom, is this the next republican president? >> i love kris kristy. i want to sit in his lap. i don't know why. i want to sit in his lap. >> he is a wonderful, wonderful person. >> and he is a great speaker. they were talking about obama and what a great speaker and clinton, what a great speaker, but they would never talk about what he said. it was after his speech and wow, he is a good speaker. kristy, every time he speaks, people talk about what he said. >> he also just talks like a regular guy, and it almost is
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kind of scary. i don't want to mess with him. >> absolutely not. this is like the new sheriff in town. every time some new gun slinger walks in saying, okay, i'm gonna take you on, then he just puts them down and shames them. it is the next new youtube sensation. >> even you have to admit he is the only interesting republican out there aside from the ones that work here. >> wait, i don't understand what you mean. along with the equal amount of democrats that work there. i always liked kris kristy. i would vote for him in a heartbeat. the real winner is the word lamb basting. it is not said once, not twice, but eight times. they both shared the word. now i would say it is a win-win, but they say lamb basting as if it is a negative. have you ever eaten basted lamb? it is delicious. >> it really is. >> but it is not the eating, but the basting that is fun. and i like afterwards, getting
3:25 am
rid of it. >> lauren, did you feel bad at all for the teacher? >> a little. well, my mother is a teacher. my sister is a teacher. teachers are great. they are our heroes, they are. but the teacher's union plays hard ball and the states are put in a very, very difficult position. new jersey, just a little fact, spends the second most in the country on students. 17,000 per student per year which is a huge amount of money. they do get results. >> yeah, they create monsters. >> they create salaries. >> the results were stone washed jeans and wife beaters. it is money well spent. >> they get their own shows. >> they make a lot more money than me. >> my point is kids from india and china are kicking our ass in academics, and they are definitely not spending 17 grand per kid. i don't know if it comes to that. >> we have to move on. so, do the tears of orphans make a great sports drink?
3:26 am
gary picket explains the new business venture when we return. >> oh yeah. hot chicks doing hot things. must be a story about hot chicks doing hot things. or it could be poverty in africa. i can't remember.
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robots, they are supposed to be our sexy slaves who do sexy, slavey things. well, stupid scientists have other plans giving an droids
3:30 am
evil powers that will only be turned against us. for example, researchers seen here at the georgia institute of technology -- i wanted everyone to know who they were, have created the first ever deceiving droid. they successfully engineered a high-tech game of hide and seek between two robots. those are on the right. one is programed to fake going left when it was actually going right. but it gets worse. in other robot news, an l.a. prison has begun an assault intervention device which is a remote controled air bot that nails unruly birds with an intense burning sensation. it is like a squirt gun full of vd. here is a tape of it in ago. -- in action. >> ready, go.
3:31 am
>> that wasn't not fun. for more on these shocking developments, let's go to the artificial intelligence correspondent for analysis. talk bought, what -- talkb on t what say you of these peers? >> he does raise interesting points. >> they can lie to us and they can burn us. are we turning our robots into strippers? >> i think talk-bot has the same voice as seal man. >> without sharing a condo in miami. >> i don't think it will work out though. >> two different worlds. >> aren't the robots already lying to us to a certain degree? my gps leads me into on coming traffic all the time. >> my wife does that. if it tells her she goes. i said, there is no road there. >> it has ended in tragedy.
3:32 am
people are clinging to their gps' floating down the river. they are right in front of the river. i am making this story up. lauren, how do i know you are not a sexy robot deceiving me and bent on my destruction? >> well, i guess you don't know, greg. we will find out soon, won't we? did anyone watch "the terminator"? this does not end well. we are good. >> "blade runner" was great because those robots could have some sex. >> what's her face in that movie -- >> darrell hannah? >> no the other one. >> sean young was gorgeous. and that was before sean young went nuts and started dating james wood and went crazy. how will you defend yourself when they come for you? they will come for you. >> throw water on them. yeah, they will rust. haven't you seen "the wizard of oz" tin men are not unlike robots. they are just way meaner. >> here is my thing, you teach
3:33 am
robots to lie. it is the key to the universe. it is over. they can pre pretend to like us and obey us and then boom and with the burning machine which is the embryo of the terminator, in 10 years we are dead. people may think i am kidding but -- >> i am not afraid. i love the burning machine. those guys were having fun. that was grown up jackasses. they were shooting each other and laughing. >> i believe those were cops. >> here is what i find infuriating. these robots want to build a church two blockseses away from -- >> i have heard about that. >> not on my watch, robots. not on my watch. >> no, they don't want to build it near the -- near ground zero. they actually want to build it toward -- by the -- >> i see you rm toking a joke. -- forming a joke.
3:34 am
>> by another ground zero, where they make refrog raters. -- refrigerators. >> always remember the refrigerator. never forget. it is a story that is as shocking as it is shocking. the pill is kicking in. turns out most people think they are hotter than average. it found that about 60% of men and women are satisfied by the way they look. in a survey of 26,000 people between the ages of 18 to 75, participants were asked to rate their own attractiveness on a 10-point scale. i am 11 and a half. but most people rated themselves between a six and a seven. the most competent age-group, the jerky under 30 crowd. more than a quarter born after 1980 rated themselves between an 8 and a 10. for more on the story we go live to the world's mo handsome man. -- the world's most handsome man.
3:35 am
>> you you can't argue with someone that handsome. in your eyes, everyone is just a three. where do you rate yourself? >> you know, greg, people always tell me, don't you think you are too hot? i say to them, don't you think you are too ugly to be talking to me? >> that hurt when you said that. >> that was right before the show. >> that was uncalled for. >> i absolutely think people overestimate attractiveness. >> i will ask you the same question. do you think you are as hot as you are? >> you know what, i think it depends on the time of day. in the morning, you never are really too sure. after hair and make up, you look a hell of a lot better. >> tell me about it. >> if i see john gibson, i
3:36 am
won't recognize him. it is like, whoa. >> i don't think it is the same for men and women. it is not. men are naturally over confident. we can be. if we were women, would we work in television? >> absolutely not. there is a lesson. i thought i was okay. then i got on tv and i realized the -- there are really hot people on tv and i was one of them. you are basically a negative integer. >> i have done a lot of field research as far as attractiveness is earn cked. -- is concerned. based on my nose and ears, i know i am not as good looking compared to the apple tree. but i have something that those rich, handsome [bleep] guys have in pill form. >> it is a new candy. >> it is delicious. eat it up, ladies. >> love it.
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>> careful, guy. i think we will take a break. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. 2 12-462-5050. in that order. if you mix them up, it is not going to work. >> good point. >> 462-212-5050, doesn't work. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he is a zero. >> our half time report is brought to you by trolls. thanks, trolls.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. let's go to tv's andy levy. what do you have besides bowl on your bowling shoes? >> you should separate the cutting from your hobbies. >> cutting is my hobby.
3:41 am
>> so true. so true. greg-alogue, quran, burning. terry jones said earlier on friday that instead of burning the qurans he hoped to travel to new york to meet with imam ralph. as of this taping he is on a flight up here. >> no way. if we have time, we can get to j.f.k. and officially welcome him. >> i think we should. how did he get a last-minute flight like that? >> i know. he must be loaded. >> lot of frequent flier miles. >> lauren, kudoses to you for sympathizing with fred phelps, but i feel like you do that a lot. >> deal with quran burners? >> no, just fred phelps. >> i feel sorry for him. >> he was an amazing swimmer in the olympics. >> wingspan. >> tom, you said nobody agrees with jones. the media love to do the story and they say, some people believe this, and some people believe this. you have to get it right.
3:42 am
some people believe this, but others -- that's how you do it. >> you made it so clear. i was muddled. now nobody knows what my point wasment. >> you have to get the terminology down. >> bill, you said, let me put this boondoggle on the table. what does that mean? >> it just came out of my mouth hole and ended up on the table hole where it festered. >> okay, fair enough. >> boondoggle. it is fun to say. >> he is happy with boondoggle and nothing else. >> good . be thankful it was just his mouth. greg, you played the clip of the utterly undelightful ariana huffington saying anyone who opposes the park project uh -- opposes pastor jones. does that mean all muslims are terrorists? >> exactly. >> i went to high school with cnn's soledad o'brian. >> you are way older than i thought. >> hey.
3:43 am
>> she is a delightful, delightful girl. irish. >> oddly not. lastly, every story bhiening about the quran burning is more coverage of terry jones and the quran burning. they should move that. >> can i say something before you move on? >> i am not close to moving on. i was just on that story. is there something you want to say? >> i neglected to say about what burned me about the morning joe thing is they had the guest there and donny was there, and he waited until the guy was gone before raging on him. that bugged me. >> okay. i will make a note of it. >> please do. i decided if i didn't tell you now it would have driven me nut all night and i would have been tossing and turning and wouldn't have gotten any sleep. >> you would have e-mailed me at like 4:00 in the morning. >> yeah, from the couch.
3:44 am
>> greg, i don't think "red eye" was the first to report that barack obama was elected president. >> are you sure? >> i was fairly certain we were bumped that night. >> i was supporting it outside. >> that said, great job by you at the press conference. >> well, i ask had -- i ask the tough questions. >> i need a new suit, and i was going to wear a bib. >> and a cool name. >> yeah, i need to change my name. trapped summers. >> i like that. >> you like that? >> from now on, trapped summers all the time. >> is that trappe? >> yes, like trappe. >> and summers with a "u." >> yes, trappe summers eve. >> it might be frank boondoggle. >> lauren, i'm with you. i'm sick of the whole al-qaeda
3:45 am
doesn't like. it al-qaeda doesn't like women out of the house. and they want to stone gays. >> which is why i am here defying their request. >> bravely i might add. >> i am showing a shoulder. >> absolutely. >> i'm particularly egging them on. >> imam ralph said if we don't build park 51 it will radicalize more muslims. shut up. >> nothing we do. >> exactly. crazy people will be crazy people. we can't help it. >> kids will learn from this and say stuff to their parents like, if you don't buy me an i-pod, you will radicalize me and i will be turning to a terrorist. kids will do that. >> it is replaced the if you don't buy me an i-pod, the terrorists win. >> you said you love this guy, and i agree. don't you think one of these days he will go too far and say something he is sorry for. >> maybe, if we praise him too much. enough talk about kris kristy because it will go to his head. >> i feel like one of these
3:46 am
days he will hold a baseball bat saying, dead, i want his family dead. i can just picture him doing that. >> scientists programed robots to deceive. lauren, you asked if anyone wawmped "the terminator." >> will my question be on deceptive robots in the first place? the tech -- techniques used can be used for gnaw fare yus purposes. >> that's what we are doing, are we not? the best robot they came up with is the one that vacuums. >> but what these guys have done is they have created the beginning of the end of the human race. and they just said, we are just starting a conversation. that's not good. >> okay. well, i'm not really sure what this robot -- the deception example they gave here was a bit confusing to me. it didn't sound threatening. but you are right, they are
3:47 am
planting the seed and we are discussing it and now everyone will jump on board and before you get it armageddon is on hand. >> okay, so you are okay with lying. california unveils the remote controled inmate zaper. greg, you developed this as a house boy repellent. are you happy with how california is using it? >> i am actually quite proud of it. i knew it would be embraced. that's a little more -- it has a little more burning sensations. >> what is wrong with me? i'm falling apart. >> and lastly, people think they are hotter than average. maybe 60% of the people in the survey are hotter than average. who knows? and lastly, greg, you asking carrie if she is as hot as she thinks she is -- >> that was rare form.
3:48 am
>> what about that guy with the grin? >> nowhere near as creepy. i'm done. >> thanks, andy. let me take a break. when we return it will be mail time, and that's always fun. trust me.
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it is mail time. the address is red eye at fox news .com. here we go, joan knee from washingtonville, what's wrong with this washington? "my husband loves your show. i'm not sure how to get tickets." it is simple. ask your husband, how much does he love the show? does he love it enough to make me a delightful cake, and by cake i mean dappling his chest with delicious vanilla frosting? if he loves the show that much, i have plans. don't expect him home with some kind of scaring, both physical and emotional. jack from granger, indiana, "i missed all of last week's show, no cable. can andy tell me briefly what i missed? " absolutely. fill -- can you fill jack in?
3:53 am
>> no. >> all right, thank you, andy. kind of a loose character. bill from cheap land, florida. >> that's where i was born. >> your book was awesome, just like the show. i wrote down the chapter names and counted off every 10 letters and divided by sex00. -- by 600. what i came up with bill shultz sucks are there any other secret numbers? yes, go to the door and then return and then add up the 10 letters and then alternate them with the letters of every other number. there won't be a message, but it will leave me with enough time to bang your mom. i came back from vacation to find out you got rid of the red cups. i can't take that shock. how can you get rid of the cups while i was gone? the fact is it wasn't us who got rid of the cups. the cups got rid of us. they got a beter offer from
3:54 am
"morning joe." now everybody at "morning joe" has hepatitis a, b and e. we look forward to other cups. and by looking forward to, throwing up on. "we would like to inform you" the uni corn is the mascot of the school of science and mathematics. we would like you to visit our school if you are interested in speaking to a crowd of proud unicorns, please reply. i would love to visit your school because of an incident that took place three years ago, i cannot attend located near a school at anytime. eye ron nickly -- ironically i was dressed as a unicorn. you know what, we will close things out with a post game wrap up. and go to
3:55 am
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
coming up on the next "red eye." this looks fun. return appearances from thaddeus mccodder and comedian jim norton. time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thank you, sir. >> lauren, are you working on a new project these days? >> i am making it my mission for two media heavyweights. our own bill shultz and hojda. you know our cam paper is up and running. with a grassroots foors behind them, we can do that. >> we will get to bill in a bit and i think we have an update on that. >> first, tom, what's mystery men? >> mystery team. >> mystery team, yes, a feature film from derrick
3:59 am
comedy. they are youtube sensations and they made their first feature film. what do you call that when you get it on the tv? >> on demand. >> that's the mystery team. >> but not mystery men. >> carrie, are you on twitter these days? >> i sure am. just check me out, or at kerry -- kerry piccet. and check out my water cooler blog. >> hojda update? >> our own will cane bumped into hojda just last night. he not only told her about the internet campaign for me to date her, but he put out a good word that i was handsome. i urge every "red eye" viewer telling her a tweet to date me, don't send pictures. we will keep that part going. >> back to you, greg. >> thanks. how much longer? 20 seconds. bye andy. bill shultz you are sad.

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